010-Restoring your Body's Mobility and Becoming Pain Free with Dr. Jen


Restoring Mobility

Dr. Jen Esquer, DPT, PT talks with us about how she is helping her patients become pain free and how she helps patients connect with their bodies using her Mobility Method.

Key Facts

  1. How Dr. Jen became interested in PT and why she chose to become a DPT.
  2. How she is helping her patients in the non-traditional way.
  3. The most common complaints she hears from patients and how she is able to help them.
  4. Looking at the body as a whole and understanding the body.
  5. Becoming aware of what is happening in your body.
  6. Examples of patients she has seen and how she was able to help them with chronic pain.
  7.  A patients profound experience and the power of touch.
  8. What is the Mobility Method and how does she use it to help her patients.
  9. How The Mobility Method will help you recognize where your body needs work.
  10. Using the Mobility Method to become pain free and utilizing full Range of Motion. 
  11. The 26 movement screening process and recognize where normal range of motion should be.
  12. Being grateful for your mobility and learning to stay grateful.
  13. Connect with Dr. Jen and learn more about The Mobility Method here! 

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