011-A Direct Relationship With Your Doctor - Direct Primary Care with Dr. Paul Thomas


A Direct Relationship With Your Doctor

Dr. Paul Thomas MD, Is Board Certified in Family Medicine and is providing remarkable service to patients in a model of medicine that works better for doctors and patients.

Key Facts


  1. Background of Dr. Paul and why he decided to start a DIrect Primary Care practice.

  2. Why Insurance is a failing system in the medical world.

  3. How Insurance is inflating the cost of medicine.

  4. Why doctors have been unable to maintain a healthy doctor patient relationship.

  5. The difference between Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine.

  6. What is included in a Direct Primary Care practice.

  7. How does Direct Primary Care work and how does it benefit patients.

  8. How to find a doctor that practice in a Direct Primary Care model.

  9. How DPC can work with your insurance plan. HMO vs PPO vs Medicaid

  10. How Direct Primary Care can save you money every month.

  11. Doing the math of savings and how you can change your insurance plan and join a direct primary care.

  12. Wholesaling medications for patients and how Dr. Paul is able to save patients the cost of membership with the savings on medications alone.

  13. How DPC can work in non- affluent neighborhoods and how to start one.

  14. Patient pool in DPC vs a insurance based model.

  15. How to make a DPC practice sustainable and profitable.

  16. My experience with being demoralized seeing the current state of healthcare.

  17. How do you order imgaing, get consults from specialists. How does pricing work?

  18. Connect with Dr. Paul Thomas MD at 313-444-5630 or his website at www.plumhealthdpc.com

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