009-Recognizing and Dealing with Burnout with Dr. Vania Manipod


Recognizing and Dealing with Burnout

Dr. Vania Manipod, DO a Psychiatrist and social advocate for mental health talks with us on the topic of burnout! We cover a lot in this episode from dealing with childhood trauma, to impulsivity and more. 



Childhood trauma.

Suicide and impulsiveness.

Dealing with suicidal thoughts. The common misconceptions surrounding suicide. 

Why do people try to kill themselves?

What is therapy and how does it make you feel better?

Who should go to therapy?


How to recognize burnout

My personal experience with burnout.

How to deal with burnout and how to prevent it.

What I do to prevent burnout.

Reaching out for help and what you need to know if you are struggling.

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Rami Wehbi