014 - WTF Is “Healthy”?


WTF Is “Healthy”?


Future physician and one of the many vocal leaders in medicine, Jamie Katuna, talks with me about being vigilant when it comes to health information and getting to the facts. Who should we trust and what makes a study credible? Jamie’s reputation is backed up by many articles and interviews throughout her journey and we discuss our random ramblings and thoughts in this episode.


  1. What does “Healthy” mean?

  2. How do we know or trust if something that claims to be “healthy” is actually “healthy?

  3. Modern day marketing and use of the word “Healthy”

  4. Intermittent Fasting and some of the research behind it.

  5. Type 2 Diabetes and a different paradigm of thinking about diabetes.

  6. The dangers of supplements and nutritional stores and companies. * My personal experience working at a nutrition center.*

  7. The fraud behind your local supplement stores.

  8. What you can do to make better health choices.

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Rami Wehbi