013-Food Lifestyle, Listening To Your Body & Food Mindfulness.

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Food Lifestyle

Baraa El Sabbagh is a Registered Dietician, Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist. She is also the Co-Founder of Healhty Happy Us. In this episode Baraa helps us look at things a little differently when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Background of Healthy Happy Us.

  2. How to make the right food and lifestyle choices.

  3. Is Red Meat okay in moderation?

  4. How to come up with the right food lifestyle for you.

  5. Making good decisions easier at food outings and get togethers.

  6. Overcoming guilt associated with food.

  7. Getting creative with your food to live a healthier life.

  8. Food mindfulness.

  9. Connect with Baraa and check out the recipe book here!

  10. Connect with Baraa and Healthy Happy Us Here



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