031 - #MEDsession - Mike Natter, MD - Art and Medicine


Dr. Mike Natter MD

Dr. Mike Natter MD is an Internal Medicine Resident at an NYC hospital. He shares his story with us on how he combined his talent as an artist with the practice of medicine. Through his journey, we learn the power of dedication, following your passion, and exceeding your limits.

Through this podcast, we delve into Dr. Natter’s journey through medicine by talking to him about his journey as a pre-med student, medical student, and now resident.

Key Highlights from Dr. Natter:

  1. Dr. Natter explains that his grades in undergrad and MCAT score were not the best. However, his talent as an artist pushed his ability to become a physician. With his talent, combined with his passion to be a physician, Sidney Kimmel Medical College offered him a place in their medical school class and gave him the chance to reach his dream of becoming a physician.

  2. When he started medical school, he was struggling initially. He began to doodle on the side of his notes and learned that he retained information better during exams because he would remember his sketches. This led to him to solely rely on sketchbooks, and as a result, he excelled in medical school. Dr. Natter explains this part of his journey by stating, “I tossed my notebooks, I bought sketchbooks.”

  3. Post graduation, Dr. Natter was fortunate enough to match into his top choice for residency. He continues to draw while in residency and has further pushed his talents both as a physician and artist. When asked about how it’s like to be a resident, Dr. Natter discusses imposter syndrome, teaching medical students, and the culture of medicine.

  4. What is Dr. Natter up to now and what does ‘Beyond Medicine’ mean to him? Now, Dr. Natter aims to make a book, similar to a visual textbook, to help other medical students and aspiring medical student artists with their studies. Beyond Medicine to Dr. Natter means exactly what he is doing right now: combining art with medicine.

To learn more about Dr. Natter or buy his sketches, visit his Instagram page and website:

IG: @mike.natter

Website: artsugar

To see some of Dr. Natter’s pieces,

click the gallery below.

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